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Tracking USPS Priority Mail And Delivery Confirmation

  • Some campus locations are serviced by USPS carriers only, while others receive first class mail through Penn Mail Services
  • Check your tracking status by visiting the USPS website to confirm delivery to the main Post Office
  • It can take up to 4 business days after the date USPS lists the package as being "delivered" on its mail tracking website. The "delivered" status is not an indication that mail has been retrieved by Penn Mail Services. For example,
    • 1/3/20: USPS tracking system status "delivered" (Indicates received date at USPS main Post Office)
    • 1/7/20: USPS has mail piece available for pick-up by Penn Mail
    • 1/7/20: Delivery date to customer by Penn Mail is the same day
  • If after 4 days, you have not received your package, contact either your mailroom (if your building has one) or Penn Mail Services. Please have  the USPS tracking number and the full address that was on the mail piece
  • If your mail has been missing for 15 business days, you can submit a claim to USPS. It must have a minimum value of $25.00. To file a USPS Insurance Claim, click here