First Class Mail

First Class mail is metered by Penn Mail Services. Mail Metering is the University’s most cost efficient mail processing option for USPS mail. Our center utilizes automated postal equipment to apply postage to the mail pieces.

All bundles of outgoing mail must be accompanied by a valid Mail Authorization Card (MAC) held together by a rubber band or placed in a white USPS mail bin for pick-up. The use of tape and/ or staples is highly discouraged. Failure to provide a completed MAC and/or incorrectly preparing the mail for processing may result in the delay or return of mail.

Processing is completed with 24-48 hours of receipt depending on the size, type, and quantity of your job. Processing times are estimates and not a guarantee of actual service. Please contact Mail Services for priority or same day mailings. 

No minimum for metered mail.  

Lettershop and Permit Mailings cannot be processed in house by Penn Mail Services. Please visit Permit/Large Mailings page for additional information on lettershop services and use of the non-profit permit (indicia)