Students can send personal packages via DHL and UPS at Penn's discounted rates using PersonalShip.


Student Mail

Delivery of mail or packages processed through the U.S. Postal Service begins when Penn Mail Services picks-up at the main U.S. Post Office for Philadelphia. Penn Mail delivers to the College House mail/package rooms which Residential Services manages.

Penn students can also send personal packages via DHL and UPS at Penn's discounted rates through PersonalShip.

Addressing Student Mail

Correctly addressed first class mail is sorted into student mailboxes, Monday - Friday. Packages are delivered to residential package rooms, Monday - Saturday. Residents are notified of package deliveries via email.

In order to ensure timely delivery, all packages and mail sent to campus must use the official United States Postal Service (USPS) address format. Visit, Campus Express and click on Housing and Mail Services to see the proper mailing address (which may be different than your living address). 

Note: USPS “Package Delivered” notifications is confirmation that mail has arrived at the local Philadelphia Post Office, which is before being retrieved my Penn Mail Services. This confirmation does not indicate mail has been delivered to campus. Please allow four days beyond the confirmation for mail to actually arrive on campus and at your residence.