Our Hours of Operation

8 a.m. - 4 p.m.  Mon.-Fri.


Left Bank Commons
Suite 500/6280

About Us

Penn Mail Services is responsible for the processing of all interoffice mail and outgoing correspondence including First-ClassPermit and large/bulk mailing.

Penn Mail delivers incoming U.S. First Class mail to the following buildings:

  • Fisher-Bennett Hall
  • College Hall
  • Chemistry Building
  • Cohen Hall
  • Williams Hall
  • Jon M. Huntsman Hall
  • David Rittenhouse Lab
  • 3401 Walnut Street
  • Franklin Building
  • Dental School
  • Medical School
  •  Nursing School
  • Veterinary School.

This is done as a courtesy to both the USPS and the University community so that these areas are able to receive their business day mail as early as possible in the morning. The USPS delivers the remainder of the University’s First Class mail during its regular routes. Proper USPS required addressing will ensure faster delivery.