Interoffice Mail

Penn Mail Services offers two types of envelopes - gray envelopes for general interoffice mail and white envelopes for confidential mail.


  • Use gray intramural envelopes for all intramural mailings and cross out preceding addresses before submitting for processing
  • To obtain recycled intramural envelopes, email us your desired quantity
Recycling Gray Intramural Envelopes as a Sustainable Initiative
  • Printed address boxes enable recycling for 18 mailings per envelope
  • Supports the President's Climate and Sustainability Action Plan
  • Helps to contain expenses - recycled envelopes are provided at no cost
  • Penn Mail Services will pick up your surplus envelopes for recycling at no cost with your outgoing mail

White Confidential Intramural Mail Envelopes

  • Available in quantities of 500/box for a fee of $65.  Price subject to change.