Collaborator Module

Pre-paid  Inbound Express Shipping labels can now be created immediately by non-Penn colleagues using eShip@Penn Collaboration

Collaboration allows shipments to Penn to be generated on demand, and at no cost by an external collaborator.  It is a more secure, timely, and  easily trackable option than providing a departmental or University express carrier account number.  

Setting up a Collaboration can be done quickly, and in advance for immediate shipments.  Shipping privileges easily be modified, terminated, or extended as business needs dictate.

Using the eShip application ensures the proper purchasing protocol is followed by applying the default budget code of the Requester on every transaction. Each transaction can be tied back to Penn G/L and financial records through the tracking number, budget code, and Requester name.

Collaboration for return shipping supports compliance requirements for restricted party screening, and simplifies billing, payment, and cost reallocation.

Invite an eShip Collaborator when:

  • Any  project requires frequent inbound shipping to Penn, either research or business materials, both domestic and international.
  • Research samples need to be shipped to and/or returned to a Penn recipient, with little advance notice, or outside normal business hours.
  • Regulated materials, including biologics and dry ice, will be prepared and packaged by shippers outside the university.
  • You engage in ongoing or recurring external or vendor relationships.
  • Shipping costs are  to be pre-paid by Penn and not otherwise addressed by a Purchase Order.


For detailed instructions , please consult the eShip Collaborator Guide here


Additional information is available for Research Collaborations on the EHRS website